In the current marketplace having the best business practices is just not enough.  That is why for three generations Baystate Pool Supplies has built our business on relationships.  Our method is simple and we approach it in 3 ways. 


  • We have daily ownership involvement of all aspects of our twelve locations as well as with our dealers.

Our owners and employees are fully involved on a daily basis and encourage relationships with our dealers to not only serve their current needs, but to also help with all of their future endeavors as well.


  • Be fully accessible to our customers and employees.

We want you to be able to contact the right person whenever you should have a question or concern. Our dealers utilize our knowledgeable staff when questions do arise. It is the close relationships that we have with our customers that let them know who to contact whenever they should have needs or questions.


  • Being industry leaders by reinforcing our dealers with vendor support, educational seminars, trade shows and technology advancements.

We provide our dealers with a variety of ways to strengthen and improve their business on a day-to-day basis. From our trade shows, which offer a wide range of instructional seminars with accredited classes, to new technology and marketing to increase our customers businesses overall.