Activator Plus

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Activator Plus

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Easy to use product improves water clarity and decreases maintenance in pool water. Typically, once a season application.

Available Sizes:
• 10 lbs.
• 20 lbs.
• 30 lbs. (Bag-In-Box)
• 45 lbs.



• Specially formulated pH neutral
• Helps maintain stable pH. Buffers total alkalinity
• Not affected by UV or evaporation
• Compatible with ALL forms of sanitization
• Quick dissolving

• Reduces eye and skin irritation
• Improves water clarity
• Helps maintain better water balance
• Gives the water a soft and silky feel
• Reduces eye and skin irritation
• Clean filter as needed and adjust water balance
• Apply product when pool is not in use and with pump running
• Add 1 pound of per 1,000 gallons of water
• After 3 hours retest pH and make adjustments if neccessary
• Reapply annually or whenever a significant portion of the water has been removed and replaced.