September 23-October 7 PHTA Legislative Tracking

ISPSC Adoption List | Full legislative and regulation tracking list

Over the past two weeks, your PHTA Government Relations team has been tracking important legislation and regulations that impact you.

Here are some new items you should check out:

Washington D.C., DC 52099: DC Department of Health proposed rule: Aquatic Facilities Rules. See Link Here
•      The Department proposed amendments to the rule which would establish a new schedule of fines for swimming pools and spa operations.
•      These rules will repeal and replace the Section 3621 schedule of fines for swimming pool, spa, and sauna operations to correspond with the Department of Health's Aquatic Facilities Regulations: Swimming Pools, Spa Pools, and Saunas in Title 25 (Food Operations and Community Hygiene Facilities), Subtitle C (Swimming Pool and Spa Regulations) of the DCMR, published in the D.C. Register on June 9, 2017, at 64 DCR 005359.
•      Comments on the proposed rule are due October 13. No public hearing has yet been scheduled.

Louisiana, LA 52957: LA Uniform Construction Code Council proposed rule: International Residential and Plumbing Codes. See Link Here
•      The Council proposed amendments which would adopt the 2015 International Residential and Plumbing Codes, which include spa and pool-related regulations.
•      Comments on the proposed rule are due 10/10/2019. No public hearing is scheduled, but one may be scheduled if requested by any of the following:
            1) twenty-five persons;
            2) a governmental subdivision or agency;
            3) an association having not less than twenty-five members;
            4) or, a committee of either house of the legislature to which the proposed rule change has been referred.

Virginia, VA 52745: VA State Board of Health proposed rule: Regulations Governing Tourist Establishment Swimming Pools and Other Public Pools. See Link Here
•      The Board proposed amendments to update standards. Specifically, design and construction provisions of 12VAC5-460 have been superseded by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC). This regulatory action removes the superseded provisions.
•      Public comments will be accepted until 10/2/2019. The anticipated effective date is 10/17/2019.

Virginia, City of Chesapeake: Building Codes. See Link Here
•      On September 24, 2019, the City Council will consider an ordinance amending Chapter 14 of the Chesapeake City Code, entitled "Buildings and Building Regulations", Sections 14-141, 14-151, 14-165, and 14-166, to add a definition for exercise spa/swim spa, amend penalties, and adopt exercise spa/swim spa requirements.
•      This ordinance removes and amends guidelines for deck construction, barriers, fines for fencing violations pertaining to indoor exercise spa/swim requirements

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