Click a link below to view any Proposed / Pending Legislation updates in your state.

Connecticut - Building Codes

Connecticut - Licensing for Pool/Spa Professionals

Connecticut - Licensing for Home Improvement Contractors

Delaware - Nothing Pending

Maine - Water Parks

Maryland - Public Swimming Pools and Spa Regulations

Massachusetts - Building Codes: Those who build or service pools and in-ground spas.

Massachusetts - Energy Star Tax Holiday

Massachusetts - Energy Efficient Standards

Massachusetts - Pool/Spa Alarms

New Hampshire - Nothing Pending

New Jersey - Licensing for Home Improvement Contractors

New Jersey - Pool/Spa Alarms & Fencing

New York - Building Codes

New York - Consumer Finance

North Carolina - Public Heath Code

North Carolina - Solar Heating Tax Incentives

Pennsylvania - Energy Efficient Standards

Rhode Island - National Electric Code (NEC) Adoption

Rhode Island - Spa Energy Efficient Standards

Vermont - Abandoned Swimming Pools

Vermont - Plumbing Code

Vermont - Public Health Code

West Virginia - Fire Comission: Updates to State Standards and Codes

West Virginia - Licensing for Pool/Spa Professionals