Figure Eight (Only Alpha - Structural Armor Polymer)

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Figure Eight (Only Alpha - Structural Armor Polymer)

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GFR Composite Material features:

● Maintains shape under intense mechanical and environmental stresses

● Not effected by soil or climate conditions

● No rust or corrosion and salt resistant

● Used on airplane wings, military tanks and bridge beams

Available Sizes

12' x 24' - 5"
16' x 29' - 7"
18' x 33' - 6"
20' x 36'




Scientists, lab technicians, and product engineers together created Structural Armor by combining advanced material technology with CAD software. Partnering in the development of the Structural Armor retaining wall system, the product engineers worked hand-in-hand with the material technicians to determine the exact fiber reinforced composite material blends and the exact product design to maximize strength. The end result: the strongest, non-corrosive construction component wall system that has ever been developed for the construction of swimming pools.
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  ExBracing steel system for added strength for challenging ground condtions