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Dream it. Design it. Build it. Special features deserve to be “special”. The new TrueStone Collection allows you to customize your benches, tanning ledges, steps, and anything else, making your pool as unique as your family and one of a kind!

The TrueStone Collection allows you to incorporate the high end style typically reserved for those who have access to a Stone Mason and expensive natural limestone/sandstone materials. This look and subsquent “Shimmer Stone” glimmer can be found exclusively within the TrueStone Collection. Pair your TrueStone Collection liner with a Natural Stone finish and create the ultimate look.

Make something that is uniquely yours by customizing your wall, floor and special features to create a vinyl pool liner that reflects your personality and taste. No more one design fits all, the TrueStone Collection allows you to go beyond the ordinary.



TrueStone Patterns

 Pearlstone    Obsidian    Blue 

Complimentary Natural Stone & TrueStone Finishes

 Obsidian   Pearlstone 

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